Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wild Centaurs

The centaurs were a race of wild half men, half horse. They had no ruler the had no laws or any sort of government. Sound's like a cool life to me. They kidnapped a lot of women and made them drunk just so they could party with them. The father of this race was Ixion a king who tried to carry off Hera and marry her. Zeus went into one of his every day rampages. Zeus had made the could to test the ungodliness of the king he married the could thinking it was the goddess Hera. What a foolish man he then mated with the could witch is kind of weird. Then out came of the could came the centaurs. They weren’t the first centaurs


  1. I Love This One . This Creature a Beautiful One For Some reason I Love The Hole Idea Of Have Horse And Half Man .... What If Had Them Todayy I Would Probally Still Pet It . Haha . I Love Your Blogs Keep It Up Do More Stuff About Hera I Think Shes a Wicked Woman Myself . But I Like That She Has Zeus In Check . :) Well Thats All

    Sincerly ,
    Felicia .

  2. Centaurs are the coolest dude! If I was a mythological creature I would totally be a centaur man.