Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Apollo is the god of light music and poetry. His father gave him a chariot that was drawn by white swans. He set off to find and slay the python that guarded the oracle of Delphi. The oracle had told the python that a child of Zeus would come and slay him. He did not believe this because he killed every warrior who tried to rescue her. The oracle was mysterious. She sat on a tri legged stool. She barley spoke to anyone. She only spoke her predictions or shall I call it prophecies. The gods could have easily killed the python with a simple flick of the hand. But Zeus wanted his son to fulfill this task. So as Apollo grew up he was given a silver bow and a quiver of arrows that were as hard and piercing like the suns harmful rays. Then he decided it was time to slay the python and claim the oracle for his own. So he went to the lair of thee python and slayed it. But it was a challenge because he was a young god. Gods grew rapidly the would mature and become adults in a matter of days.

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