Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Artiemis goddess of the hunt wild things and the moon. Artiemis is a goddess who asked her father Zeus when she was a little girl to never make her marry. Zeus tried to make her listen to reason but she was too stubborn. He couldn’t resist her radiant moon lit face so he swore on river Styx. That is the most solemn oath an immortal or god can make. A very interesting story of Artiemis is known threw any Greek mythology fan. A young hunter was hunting in the Amazon forests when he came upon the goddess Artiemis. He should have run or as some say he should have booked it. He was hunting with three dogs. Very hungry dogs Artiemis Turned him into an injured deer and spoke through her soft lips no mortal man shale ever see the goddess Artiemis bathe.

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