Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pandoras Tale

Pandora was a creation of the Greek god of Olympus to punish the humans. The creation was made to punish the humans because the titan Prometheus gave fire to the human race. Before the gods sent Pandora to earth Zeus the ruler of the gods planted the seed of wonder deep in her soul. Zeus to make the punishment that much worse the gods told her to never open the jar. They sent her down to earth and gave Epimetheus Pandora as his beloved wife. After one year she could not take the deep sense that she is being lied to by a greater force. She opened the jar just so she could get a peek of what was 9 inside. What she found was horrible out flied GREED, VANITY, SLANDER, PAIN, ENVY, OLD AGE, DISTRUST, GOSSIP, LIES, and DESPAIR. The gods were very pleased with their evil deed.

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