Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greek Tales

.Long ago some people started telling myths about why things happen and to explain the mysteries of life. Gaea gave birth to the sky Uranus. It is wired that the sky and the earth had children called the titans.Cronus was the one to over throw his father Uranus.Cronus became the ruler of the universe. he used a scythe made by the first cyclospe.Agianst their will, they had no choice it was make the weapon or die. Soon after Cronus became the ruler of the universe he had children with one of his siblings. The titan Rhea they had many children they were the first immortal gods. There have been other gods that were not immortal such as pan god and keeper of the wild

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  1. wow and you call me a nerd i would poat thsi on all but im too lazy